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What You Can Expect

What I Need From You

1. Your permission (to access your subconscious)

2. An intention of being fully honest and open with me. 

3. An open mind and plenty of communication. 


I can only help you as much as you let me. 

How Sessions Work

1. Schedule a clarity session!

2. Sessions last about 60-90 minutes.

3. Sessions are either in person or by proxy (video call). 

4. Every subsequent session is scheduled at the end of the current session, typically 7-14 days apart. 

5. All details are determined by what your subconscious tells me it needs. 

Client Perks

What else is possible?

On-call questions

Receive clarification/guidance for anything that comes up. Answers typically given within 24-hours.


Find out how well anything matches your unique frequency! Most frequently used for supplements, relationships, or opportunities.

Pathogen checks

Pathogens have an energy, too. Releasing its energy weakens it substantially, so your body is more easily able to eliminate it. 

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