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Nicole’s initial work on me found several things I didn't realize were affecting me so strongly.  One specific thing she found was medication toxicity that happened recently.  She didn’t know that a couple of months ago I had a course of antibiotics.  She was right on the money!  The day after she did the work on me, I felt great!

C.G. (52 y.o.)

My dog had 3 severe cavities that needed to be pulled. Nicole worked on him every day for a week, then I brushed his teeth every day for a week. All of his cavities were fully healed, and he still has all of his teeth! Most chihuahuas his age only have half of their teeth, so this was very exciting to me. 

J.P. (12 y.o.) Dog (Owner)

My daughter had severe motion sickness. On her last international plane ride, she threw up 3 times and was terrified about the return flight. After 3 sessions with Nicole, she went on the return flight and didn't throw up once!

B.K. (10 y.o.) Mother

I had just lost my "stable", easy job when my company went out of business. I learned about Nicole's practice and asked her to help me find my perfect job. After she did one session, I got a job offer for something I hadn't even thought to look into, but it felt perfect.

I had a long-running fever that would not go away despite all of the tips and tricks I used as a performer. After one session with Nicole, the fever lifted, and I felt immediately better.

D.D. (55 y.o.)

J.A. (29 y.o.)

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