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Beyond Energy

Spiritual Journey

Although working solely with energy had been extraordinarily rewarding, I'd still kept one foot out the door with my career as an energy healer. I was living out the Marianne Williamson quote,


"Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us." 

I had 5-7 other jobs/paying hobbies, and although I had done a lot of healing from the traumas I'd endured up to that point, there was a part of me that was afraid to jump in. However, when COVID hit in 2020, I lost most of those commitments and simultaneously started to receive dreams and visions about going all in with energy. 

Through spending time in the world of energy, I'd learned that everyone who works with energy in any capacity has some kind of supernatural source. Most call on their angels, local spirits, or gods, to receive insight, direction, and an increased capacity to heal and sense things energetically. Having literally and physically been saved through multiple life-threatening experiences by God, the Creator of the universe, I called upon Him from the beginning of my foray into energy work. I figured if I were going to call on a supernatural being, I'd go with the head honcho- a being whose motive of keeping our highest and best interest at heart has been confirmed throughout history. Although I dragged my feet to respond to His command to go all in out of fear and uncertainty, I did end up responding, and I have been on an intense spiritual journey ever since. 

On this journey, I have and continue to directly and vividly interact with and experience all things supernatural, every part of the multi-verse, and the gradients of Truth and Wisdom. It turns out that the spiritual realm interacts with the physical through the etheric (energy) layer, so healing is severely limited if one remains in the ether. So now that I've expanded in my interactions with the spiritual, the healing, insight, and growth I've personally made and facilitated in clients has been mind-blowing. 

I am still on this journey, and I've been reminded of my ignorance too often for me to anticipate ever arriving at the "end". I am very aware that my experience is only mine, so the conclusions I've drawn from my experiences may be incorrect despite my active efforts to find absolute Truth. Nonetheless, I have also experienced miracles and received confirmation from many people, sources, and both scientific and religious research that I am at the very least on the right path. 

If you are lost, confused, have questions about anything spiritual or etheric, or disagree with anything I've shared, I would love to meet with you. I strive for CANI (Constant And Never-ending Improvement) in all areas of life, so I love to be tested. Don't be shy- let's shed light on the darkness of the unknown. 

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