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Meet Nicole

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How I discovered energy healing

Growing up, I had vaguely heard about energy healing and unequivocally dismissed it. I'd heard there was a modality in which the practitioner elicits help from spirits to move energy around and make someone feel better. Having grown up on Guam, I'd experienced the darkness and manipulation of spirits, so I knew to avoid anything to do with them. 

Then, when I moved to Minnesota, I started working as a Student Exchange Program Coordinator for a nonprofit organization. In 2017, I ended up with my own exchange student who required a lot of growth on my part to host. He had been kicked out by his host family and school, and his staying with me was his last option before being sent back to Korea. Things started off rough, but with our love and support, we started to build a really positive relationship. However, his mother soon got jealous and started to sabotage our relationship with him. Finally, after months of trying to figure things out with him and his mother, I gave my boss a one-week notice that he would have to leave. My boss offered to pay for an energy healing session for him as a last-ditch effort, and since this was different than the kind I'd initially heard of and I had nothing else to lose, I gave my consent. 

By the end of that week, he turned into the ideal teenager. Previously, this 16-year old boy was addicted to his technology, kept to himself, and needed direct supervision and multiple reminders to perform the most basic self-care acts. However, that weekend, he was completely off of his technology, completed an entire puzzle by himself, was ideally involved and interactive with all of the weekend activities, cleaned up after himself, and even brushed his teeth and showered on his own! 

After witnessing that miraculous turnaround, I knew that I needed to look into this energy healing modality. I read the book "The Emotion Code" by Dr. Bradley Nelson, and so much of it resonated with me that I knew I needed to try this for myself. 


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